Gloves come with a long history. We don’t know the exact time it was invented. But this is a good product that was created to protect human beings from the cold weather. Just like clothing, shoes, hats, all these stuff bring us warmth. It is great to have them.

Throughout countless years of use, gloves have been given a new mission. People not only cares about the warmth and practical but also they are looking for fashion.

You could find lots of gloves with so many unique designs in leather, wool and some artificical materials in the market.

Of course we follow fashion, meanwhile, we still keep the vintage way to make it. Some luxurious gloves are sewed by hands. Using needles to sew through the leather. It is sad that fewer and fewer people would like to do handwork.

Anyway, let them be a high pride for you no matter if is for yourself or a gift for your friend.

glove making