How to clean the leather gloves?

Have you ever check the care label information before the laundry? It is not all the materials that can be washed by water. Below we will share with you how to clean the gloves, leather gloves.

Genuine leather, like sheep, goat, deer, they are all from natural animals. They can be made into sofa, car seats, garments. Garments like small leather accessories gloves, you probably will wear them often in the wintertime.

The very important thing is, do not put them into the washing machine. That will damage the gloves. Normally leather will change after a while of use, but if you ever wash it in the washing machine, it will only speed its aging.

Do not expose them under the strong sunlight.

Then how to clean it?

You may use a towel to dip little, only a little bit, to wipe them softly. After that, let them be dried naturally.

Or you could buy special leather care spray and oil. With the help of them, your gloves will be well taken care of, just as new as what you bought at the beginning.

If you have any questions or problems with the gloves caring, please contact us. We are willing to help you with that.

Meanwhile enclosed a link which is related to wash care just for your better understand.

How to clean the leather gloves

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