Do you know recycled fabric?

Nowadays, more and more people get involved in saving our motherland, the earth and the environment.

In order to reduce the waste of material, in the fabric market, we have come up with a new material which is called recycled fabric. Previously we have introduced the material, it is from plastic bottles. It is a great improvement to reduce plastic pollution. You may find a lot of news online showing how terrible that pollution is.

RPET fabric, also known as Coke bottle environmental protection fabric, is a new type of green environmental protection fabric woven from recycled coke bottles and other spinning yarns. The low-carbon source of its source creates a new concept in the field of recycling. The cloth surface is flat and smooth, the texture is light, strong and wear-resistant, good elasticity and gloss, no shrinkage, easy to wash, quick-drying, and good hand feeling. It is widely used in various fields such as clothing, luggage and outdoor products.

Finishing processing:

Environmentally friendly dyeing + waterproof + Teflon + antistatic + antibacterial deodorization + moisture wicking

Printing (transfer printing, water printing, digital printing, pigment printing, etc.)

Coating (PA, PU, flame retardant, coating, white coating, silver coating, gold coating, flame retardant film, breathable and moisture permeable)

Crumpled (chaotic crepe, straight crepe, crepe flower, fold)

Calendering, laminating (mirror calendering, oil calendering, embossing, environmental soft embossing)

Composite (knit cloth composite, flannel composite, breathable and moisture permeable membrane composite)

The factories reuse those bottles and make them into fabric materials. We already use them for T-shirts, socks, gloves, etc.

Some people will ask if they can not have many choices of colors. The answer is “No”. There are various colors for you to choose.

Below is one pink color. They are now popular in the apparel market, for gloves, it is a kind of trend.

pink recycle polyester

pink recycled polyester