Do you like this earth? Do you like the endless deep blue sea? I believe that most people on earth will answer “yes”. Unfortunately, with the rapid development of industry and technology, the lovely Mother Earth does not seem to be satisfied. Global climate warming, the sudden Covid 19 pandemic, maybe more unforeseen things will happen in the future.

According to reports, 1.5 million animals fell prey to plastic waste in the ocean in 2013. Marine pollution caused by plastic waste has a huge impact on animals. The most terrifying thing about the ocean being destroyed is that most humans do not realize the seriousness of this matter.

The hazards caused by marine debris are listed below:
1.Cause visual pollution
2.Plastic products cannot be digested and decomposed in the body of animals and will cause stomach discomfort, abnormal behavior, and decreased fertility and reproduction ability after being eaten by mistake.
3.Cause massive deaths of marine life
4.Damage to the hull and machinery, causing accidents and suspension
5.Destroy the marine ecosystem
6.A threat to navigation safety
7.Cause the water quality to deteriorate, and finally, all the pollution will return to the people at the top of the food chain

If everyone is united, we have the ability to protect the ocean. Meanwhile, we could use more natural things less plastic products, or recycled materials from plastic bottles to protect our unique earth and the blue sea together.

To quote an ancient Chinese Taoist saying: Man and nature live in harmony.