How do people celebrate the beginning of Summer?

We can not believe it is now May. Time seems like a flying machine. Yesterday it is one of the traditional days which normally called The beginning of Summer by us.

So what do people do on that day?

Nothing special, but to eat the eggs. This old tradition has a long history. It was said by the old people that, the weather will become warmer and warmer after the beginning of summer. The human body needs more nutrition, otherwise, we will have no power to do anything. And the eggs contain proteins we need.

As time goes by, there are a lot of ways to cook eggs. People will use tea-leaves together with other spice to cook eggs. It is so delicious.

Be careful, you will probably have dirty fingers when you try to peel the eggs. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions here. Either to wear disposable gloves or to wear the fingerless gloves here. They are for girls only.

How do people celebrate the beginning of Summer