June 1st  is the day for Children’s Day. When we were kids, we don’t have to go to class, instead, the school will arrange fun activities for us, like fishing, guessing, running, etc. You will get a prize, usually, you will get some candies if you win the game. What kind of joy and fun it was!

Then we grow up, such a happy life seems gone. We no more playing those games. We have to work for a living, facing the pressure that an adult has to carry.

Adult’s life is not easy, there is a saying for that: we will never be happy because what we need is little, but what we want is much. Probably we could do something to make us happier.

Think about why the kids are easy to be satisfied and happier? They don’t need too much as we desire. There is nothing you can do to change your age. Time will never turn back.

But we are allowed to have a young innocent and kind heart like kids. To love the people more and care less about the materialistic stuff.

Enjoy the fun we have missed. Be an adult with kids’ heart.